Agricultural Drainage Assessment
 In order to produce an accurate estimate, a ‘Drainage Assessment’ must first be completed.

The first step to completing a drainage project in Manitoba is a proper ‘Drainage Assessment’. Certain information must be collected to design a drainage system that maximizes the field’s potential. Some of the steps of the process include:

·       Topographical Mapping

·       Soil Texture Sampling

·       Background Research on Field and Watershed

·       3D Computer-Aided Drainage Design

·       Permitting with Regulatory Bodies
Drainage Construction
 High accuracy grade control is key to a successful drainage project.

We use specialized heavy equipment to install drain tile sized from 4”-18” diameter. Our Wolfe 540 Drainage Plow uses RTK GPS hydraulic grade control, and can hold accuracy to ½” while installing at 240ft/min. We have experience in the construction of the following:

·       Tile Drainage Systems

·       Surface Drainage Systems

·       Municipal Ditches (Cleanout & Digging)

·       Field Entrances

·       Custom Earthmoving & Trenching