What is Tile Drainage?

  • A sub-surface system of perforated pipes that effectively lowers the water table.

  • Generally, many small pipes feeding into a larger main line, which feeds into a natural watercourse or ditch.

Benefits of Tile Drainage

Earlier on to The Field

  • The lowered water table will help your fields dry up quicker in the spring.
  •  Getting a field planted on-time is shown to prevent significant yield loss.
Improved Root Growth

  • Tile drainage will lower the salinity level in your soil, allowing for deeper root penetration.

  •  This will allow your crop to reach deep nutrients and moisture.

  • Peak flows in surface runoff are reduced by 20-40%.
Overall Increase in Yield

  • There are many benefits to tile which all contribute to an overall increase in yield. 

  • Many studies have tried to pinpoint what to expect for a yield increase, but there are so many factors that make each field too unique to give a precise estimate.

  • Generally, trial results show a greater than 20% yield increase.